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Snakes And Chutes

Chutes And Snakes

     Being part of a mixed marriage, you get to find out a lot about the differences between cultures. There are a lot of differences between America and Scotland that people know about; like pronounciation of "oregano", "basil" or "tomato", different words being used for "corriander"/"cilantro", "rocket"/"arugula" or "aluminium"/"aluminum".

     Another difference I found was that in America they don't play Snakes and Ladders, they play Chutes and Ladders, so I decided to combine the best bits from each: Snakes and Chutes. The below link is a savable and printable version of Snakes and Chutes.

Snakes and Chutes (png format)

Players: 2-6
Requires: Two die, 6 fishemice (attached)
Note: The fishemice are safe as all snakes are vegetarian, with the exception of Gary (67 to 51), who is a vegan
  • Before playing, each player throws the two die to determine the playing order
  • If two players get the same number, those two roll again
  • Each player starts from square 1 and throws both die on each turn
  • Any player who lands at the top of a snake or chute at the end of a turn needs to move down to the bottom of that snake or chute
  • An exact roll is required to reach square 100 and win the game
  • If a higher than required number is rolled then the player needs to go back the extra amount, and may land on one of the top row snakes or chutes; for example, from square 96 :
    - a roll of 4 put the player in square 100 and wins the game
    - a roll of 5 puts the player to square 100, then back to square 99
    - a roll of 6 puts the player to square 100, then back to square 98, then down the snake to square 82
     Snakes and Chutes is fun for all the family, especially around Christmas time, but please remember Snakes and Chutes is for life, not just for Christmas.