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Are You Marc Fisher?

The Marc Fisher Collection

     In May 2003, inspired by Dave Gorman's search for Dave Gormen, I decided it was my responsibility to try and find as many Marc Fishers as possible. They only count if they replied, and were called Marc Fisher or Marcus Fisher, not Mark Fisher.

Washington Post Marc Fisher
The first person to reply was also the most famous of Marc Fishers, Washington Post's life, politics and culture columnist Marc Fisher and Marc Fisher of MarcFisher.com fame. Married with two kids, and releasing a book about the history of radio in Janurary 2007.

Nasa Marc Fisher
A few hours later the next Marc Fisher replied, Nasa liquids expert Marc Fisher. To make it that bit more brilliant, he replied with his nasa.gov email address. Good to see a government email address being put to good use.

South Florida Marc Fisher
I started my Marc Fisher search again in September 2003, getting me another handful of Marc Fishers. The first to reply was South Florida Marc Fisher, I don't know anything else about him, apart from he'd rather live in Scotland.

DJ Marc Fisher
Later that morning I got a reply from my 4th Marc Fisher, found on a DJing page. He seemed to enjoy starting and finishing the email with the same name.

Worcester Massachusetts Marc Fisher
The next reply came from University of Massachusetts Medical School's professor of neurology and stroke specialist Doctor Marc Fisher. I think he may be one of only three Dr Marc Fishers in the world.

Oklahoma Marc Fisher
Oklahoma Marc Fisher replied to tell me he had never heard of another Marc Fisher, and told me that he grew up in Illinois. The only thing I know about him is he likes Dragonball Z.

French Author Marc Fisher
I used my own special broken French to try and contact the French Marc Fisher I'd found, he replied in perfect English, and told me to buy his book. Nice to talk to you too.

Virginia Marc Fisher
The shortest reply was next, just "Thanks!" was enough for Virginia Marc Fisher to count. All I knew about him was he was doing a PhD in something. After doing this webpage section I managed to find him again, he is now the second Doctor Marc Fisher. Marc is a Field Biologist for Dow Chemical Company, has 5 kids, is a Mormon, and is half-Cuban.

French Feng-Shui Marc Fisher
A few years later I tried finding more Marc Fishers, and came across my second French Marc Fisher. For the second time the contact was done in broken French and perfect English, but it counted.

Celtic Photography Marc Fisher
The next Marc Fisher, Marc Fisher of CelticWanderings.com fame, is a celtic photographer based in Massachusetts. The former builder, pre-school teacher, sawmill and restaurant owner is married (to Cynthia Fisher of BigBangMosaics.com) with two kids, Rory and Kiera. Every year Marc spends three to four weeks in Ireland, Scotland and England taking some incredible pictures to sell through his website.

Shingle Springs California Marc Fisher
In April 2006 I joined myspace, and I decided to try and find more Marc Fishers. The first one I found was California Marc Fisher, who seems to really enjoy his snowboarding.

Lubbock Texas Marc Fisher
Next was one of the most fun Marc Fishers, who I think called me a crazy bastard in his first message to me. Marc "Poppy" Fisher has been going out with his fabulous girlfriend for two years.

Beaufort South Carolina Marc Fisher
Next was a young Marc Fisher who has a taste for older music, enjoying bands like The Beatles, The Stones, The Pixies, and The Floyd.

Alaska Marc Fisher
The next Marc Fisher's profile was full of beautiful photos that looks vaguely familiar, that's what a holiday in Alaska does to you.

California Twin Marc Fisher
Then was a first in Marc Fisherdom - a twin! Twin to Eric Fisher, Marc Fisher was the second Californian Marc Fisher found.

California Marc Fisher
A search for Marcus Fishers suprisingly was more productive, resulting firstly in my third Carifornian Marc Fisher, I think that counts as a hot-bed. California Marc Fisher plans to become a social worker, and is active in the gay community in San Diego.

California Dad Marc Fisher
Then it was confirmed as a hot-bed with Californias forth Marc Fisher, father to 4 cute kids. This Marc Fisher owns an American muscle car club called Off Line Racing, and is a former track star.

California Lil Marc Fisher
Next was yet another Californian Marc Fisher, one who calls himself "Lil Marc"

Michigan Marc Fisher
The next Marc Fisher seemed really nice, and was into dirt bikes and working out.

Meridian Massachusetts Marc Fisher
After putting this webpage up I started looking for Marc Fishers again. The first new one was the third Massachusetts Marc Fisher and the third Doctor Marc Fisher. Marc is married with 3 kids, practising Family Medicine.

Colorado Marc Fisher
Once again I messaged all the Marc Fishers on myspace, this time showing them thew webpage section. First replyee was Marc Fisher, computer programmer by trade and long distance runner by passion.

Sachse Texas Marc Fisher
Next was a second Texas Marc Fisher, who is joining the army and is 17.

Kentucky Marc Fisher
Then was Kentucky Marc Fisher, a senior year high school student, looking to become an airplane mechanic or a Navy Seal. Marc was born in New York, then moved to California, and finally Kentucky, but was too young to remember moving.

Australia Marc Fisher
Incase you didn't believe the next Marc Fisher was Australian, his myspace headline is "G'day". Marc works in a shop selling science equipment.

New York Marc Fisher
The next reply came from Marc Fisher, a 22 year old from New York.

English Marc Fisher
Next to reply was Marc Fisher, 26 year olf from England. The first English Marc Fisher.

Charleston South Carolina Marc Fisher
South Carolina's second Marc Fisher is the most nicknamed Marc Fisher out there, know as "Fish", "Fishsticks", "Fishyfish", "Trout", "Guppy", "Pescado", "Fishetti", "Mullet" and "Fusch". Marc is the founder and co-owner of City Bar nighclub.

Norfolk Marc Fisher
Englands's second Marc Fisher is a retail manager for Halfords, and lives in Kings Lynn in Norfolk.

Elgin Texas Marc Fisher
Texas' third Marc Fisher was next to reply. He is a 15 year old Middle School student from Elgin, Texas.

Utah Marc Fisher
Marc Fisher was next to answer, a 26 year old construction worker for Utah.

Arlington Texas Marc Fisher
Then came Marc Fisher, studying Criminal Justice at The University Of Texas At Arlington.

Toronto Marc Fisher
The next reply came from Toronto Marc Fisher, a grade 4 public school teacher. Marc has a humour column called Marc's Arc in a few newspapers in the US. Marc is married with two daughters.

Scotland Marc Fisher
When I originally searched for Marc Fishers years ago I came across a Marc Fisher who was the same age as me, and ran his own Rangers website. Four years later he became the thirty third Marc Fisher.

Delray Beach Florida Marc Fisher
A long while later Marc "The Qleaner" Fisher contacted me. I thought it was one of my freiends having a joke, till I found The Qleaners webpage, and remembered him. Marc works for the Information Awareness Office.

North East England Marc Fisher
The third Marc Fisher from England told me he got called Marcus because his mum liked her cousin's name, Marcus.

Norwich England Marc Fisher
The only Marc Fisher I've found through bebo was next, bringing the total English Marc Fishers up to four. Marc lives in Diss, near Norwich.

Chicago Illinois Marc Fisher
Not alot is known about Chicago Illinois Marc Fisher, apart from the important facts that he exists and his name is Marc Fisher.

Wolverhampton England Marc Fisher
The next Marc Fisher is a Wolverhampton Wanderers fan, and very possibly the only ginger Marc Fisher in the world.

Norway Marc Fisher
The newest Marc Fisher was submitted by his friend Joe Allen. Marc is a chef and likes fishing, beach volleyball and playing the organ.

Marc Fisher Stats
  • In a 2002 episode of The Twilight Zone, where some graffiti art changed itself to depict what has happened infront of it, the main character is Marcus Fisher
  • London based female artist Oreet Ashery works under the pseudonym Marcus Fisher
  • In 2007 Spy Hunter: Nowhere To Run starring The Rock will be released, featuring Carlos Ponce playing a character called Marcus Fisher
  • Macys sells shoes made by Marc Fisher Footwear
  • Girls Aloud member Nadine Coyle's home was broken into by a drug-dealing gang in Feb 2007, gang member Marc Fisher was jailed for 15 years
  • The average Marc Fisher lives at 41°N, 87°W, in the middle of a corn field just outside Chicago
  • The average Marc Fisher is 97% straight
  • The average Marc Fisher has 62% of a child
  • The average Marc Fisher wears 18% of a pair of glasses, about a third of a lens
  • The average Marc Fisher is 95% white
  • The average Marc Fisher is 100% male
  • last, but not least ...

  • MarcFisher.co.uk Marc Fisher

    39 Marc Fishers and counting.